Colonoscopy Surveillance Recommendations

What are the surveillance recommendations for a patient with a previous history of adenomatous colon polyps? 

After the removal of an adenomatous polyp, colonoscopy is the recommended method of surveillance because it has been shown to significantly reduce subsequent CRC incidence.

Colonoscopy Surveillance Recommendations

Findings on Index ColonoscopySurveillance Recommendation
≤ 2 small tubular adenomas (< 1 cm) and only low-grade dysplasiaNo earlier than 5 years
Advanced neoplasia or 3 to 10 adenomas3 years
More than 10 adenomasWithin 3 years
Large, sessile polyp with incomplete excision2 to 6 months
Negative surveillance colonoscopyNo earlier than 5 years
Distal small (< 10 mm) hyperplastic polyps (no adenomas)10 years
Sessile serrated polyp(s) < 10 mm with no dysplasia5 years
Sessile serrated polyp(s) ≥ 10 mm3 years
Sessile serrated polyp with dysplasia or serrated polyposis syndrome1 year

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