Brainerds diarrhea

What is Brainerds diarrhea and how is it diagnosed and treated? 

Brainerd’s diarrhea is an idiopathic syndrome of chronic diarrhea that has been epidemiologically associated with point-source outbreaks. First described in 1986 after an outbreak associated with raw milk consumption, most cases in the literature have resulted as part of outbreaks. Clinically, patients report a common onset of chronic diarrhea that is unresponsive to antibiotic therapies and negative microbiologic evaluations. One endoscopic study reported colonic epithelial lymphocytosis similar to collagenous and lymphocytic colitis was more prevalent among cases. A possible infectious etiologic factor is suspected but has not been corroborated. Opioid AMAs may be used to manage symptoms in a subset of patients.


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