How is acute diarrhea from domestic sources prevented

What counseling is appropriate for patients on prevention of acute diarrhea from domestic sources? 

Raw foods of animal origin are the most likely to be contaminated (e.g., raw meat and poultry, raw eggs, unpasteurized milk, and raw shellfish). Fruits and vegetables consumed raw are also of concern. Washing can decrease but not eliminate contamination. A few simple precautions are suggested to reduce the risk of foodborne illness.

  • A. Cook meat, poultry and eggs thoroughly following temperature recommendations.
  • B. Separate: Don’t cross-contaminate one food with another. Avoid cross-contamination by washing hands, utensils, and cutting boards after they have touched raw meat and before they touch another food. Put cooked meet on a clean platter, rather than back on one that held the raw meat.
  • C. Chill: Refrigerate leftovers promptly if they are not going to be eaten within 4 hours.
  • D. Clean: Wash produce. Rinse in running tap water and remove the outermost leaves.
  • E. Report: Report suspected cases of foodborne illness to your local health department. Calls from citizens are key to early detection of outbreaks and to understand risks to individuals and populations.

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