Appearances of renal cysts detected sonographically

Appearances of renal cysts detected sonographically

Renal cysts are extremely common and are typically incidental. Simple cysts are round or ovoid with anechoic fluid contents, well-demarcated back walls, and posterior acoustic enhancement. Simple cysts do not need any further follow-up. Minimally complicated cysts with a few thin internal septations, small peripheral thin calcification, or internal echoes can be managed with short-term (6-month) follow-up US. In contrast, any cystic lesion with a thickened wall, mural nodularity, multiple or thickened internal septations, or thick, irregular, or amorphous calcification is suspect for a cystic renal neoplasm and may be further evaluated with dedicated contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the kidneys.


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