Side effects of nivolumab

Side effects of nivolumab

What side effects are associated with nivolumab (a PD-1 inhibitor) in RCC?

The practitioner should be aware of potential autoimmune sequelae with novel checkpoint inhibitors. These include, for instance, autoimmune colitis, hepatitis, hypophysitis, thyroiditis, arthritis, and hepatitis. It is recommended that, in addition to surveillance for clinical manifestations of these symptoms, patients have frequent monitoring of hepatic and thyroid function. Prompt institution of steroids is recommended if these symptoms are recognized and other pertinent causes are excluded. Consultation with specialists is recommended. Salient to the theme of this text is autoimmune nephritis, which occurs sporadically but can be marked by rapid decline in kidney function. Biopsy can be used to diagnose autoimmune nephritis, with heavy immune infiltration of nephrons seen on pathology. Again, steroids may be used to treat this phenomenon.


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