mtor inhibitors

What are mtor inhibitors?

mTOR inhibitors block the mTOR and thus prevent cytokine signals from activating the T-cell cycle (signal 3). Two examples of these medications are sirolimus and everolimus. The principal adverse drug reactions include hyperlipidemia, impaired wound healing, and thrombocytopenia. Additionally, mTOR inhibitors have been linked to mouth ulcers and pneumonitis. The half-life for mTOR inhibitors is about 60 hours, so when changing the dose, the level is usually checked about a week later. Desired drug levels depend on the overall immunosuppression regiment: if an mTOR inhibitor is used by itself, the target level is similar to tacrolimus. On the other hand, if used with a CNI, the target level of both the CNI and mTORinhibitor is lower.


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