Colfosceril Cetyl Alcohol Tyloxapol

Colfosceril Cetyl Alcohol Tyloxapol Brand Name– Exosurf Neonatal

What is Colfosceril Cetyl Alcohol Tyloxapol

Colfosceril Cetyl Alcohol Tyloxapol is used as a lung surfactant to prevent or treat neonatal respiratory distress syndrome (RDS).

Exosurf Neonatal is a synthetic product that combines colfosceril palmitate, cetyl alcohol, and tyloxapol.

While colfosceril palmitate reduces surface tension, it alone is not effective because it spreads and adsorbs poorly. To overcome this, cetyl alcohol and tyloxapol are added.

Exosurf Neonatal(R) is protein-free and contains no preservatives.

A review of head-to-head comparative studies of natural vs synthetic surfactants revealed that oxygen requirements and ventilator settings were lower following treatment with beractant (natural) compared with colfosceril (synthetic), however, this conclusion was based on the early clinical response.

Most clinicians feel there is little difference between natural and synthetic products based on long-term clinical response.


  • neonatal respiratory distress syndrome

For the prevention or rescue treatment of neonatal respiratory distress syndrome (RDS)

NOTE: Indicated in infants with birth weights less than 1350 g who are at risk of developing RDS, or, in those with birth weights more than 1350 g with evidence of pulmonary immaturity.

Side Effects

  1. apnea
  2. bradycardia
  3. cyanosis
  4. hyperoxia
  5. hypocarbia
  6. hypotension
  7. hypoxia
  8. infection

Premature birth is naturally associated with a number of adverse reactions producing a high incidence of morbidity and mortality. The distinction between those attributable to Exosurf and those that are a natural result of immaturity is not always clear.

Adverse reactions associated with the use of Exosurf are divided into those that may occur during the dosing procedure and those that may occur following the procedure.

Monitoring Parameters

  • arterial blood gases (ABGs)
  • chest x-ray


  • bradycardia
  • breast-feeding
  • pregnancy

There are no contraindications known to the use of Exosurf.


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