Castor Oil Peru Balsam Trypsin

Castor Oil Peru Balsam Trypsin Brand Names

AllanDerm-T | Granul-derm | Granulex | Optase | Revina | TBC | Trypsin | Vasolex | Xenaderm

What is Castor Oil Peru Balsam Trypsin

Castor oil peru balsam trypsin products are prescription only topicals used in wound care management.

The products relieve pain and promote healing; debride eschar and necrotic tissue physiologically; stimulate the vascular bed; improve epithelization by reducing premature epithelial desiccation and cornification; and reduce odor from malodorous necrotic wounds.

Labeled indications for these products include: sunburn, varicose ulcers, dehiscent wounds, decubital ulcers, and debriding of eschar.

Topical application can be helpful to prevent the deterioration of Stage I ulcers and to promote tissue granulation in deeper chronic ulcers (i.e., Stages II, III, IV).

Aerosol, gel, and ointment formulations containing the same ratio of castor oil, peru balsam, and trypsin are available; each claim therapeutic and application advantages.

Castor oil peru balsam trypsin products have been in general use in the U.S. for decades.


  1. burns
  2. decubitus ulcer
  3. sunburn
  4. varicose ulcer
  5. wound management

For wound management

NOTE: Wounds heal poorly in the presence of hemoglobin or zinc deficiency; nutritional status assessment is prudent in wound management and prevention.

NOTE: Following application, wounds may be left open or appropriate dressing applied.

Side Effects

  1. bleeding
  2. erythema
  3. impaired wound healing
  4. skin irritation

Monitoring Parameters

  • hemoglobin/hematocrit
  • serum iron
  • WBC


  • breast-feeding
  • eczema
  • ocular exposure
  • pregnancy
  • psoriasis


There are no drug interactions associated with Castor Oil; Peru Balsam; Trypsin products.


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