Castor Oil Peru Balsam

Castor Oil Peru Balsam Brand Name– VENELEX

What is Castor Oil Peru Balsam

Castor oil peru balsam is used in wound care management to relieve pain, reduce odor, and promote healing.

Currently, the drug is available in two topical formulations, an ointment and an aerosol spray.

Although these formulations contain the same ratio of castor oil (788 mg/gram) and peru balsam (87 mg/gram), the aerosol spray (an over-the-counter drug) is only indicated for management of decubital ulcers, whereas the ointment (a prescription only drug) has be used for decubital ulcers, varicose ulcers, and dehiscent wound.

Despite their labeled indications, neither formulation has been found by the FDA to be safe or effective. Castor oil peru balsam is an FDA unapproved drug


  1. decubitus ulcer
  2. varicose ulcer
  3. wound management

For wound management to promote healing of decubitus ulcer, varicose ulcer, and dehiscent wounds

Side Effects

  • skin irritation

Temporary stinging (skin irritation) may occur with use of castor oil; peru balsam on a sensitive area.

Monitoring Parameters

  • hemoglobin/hematocrit
  • serum iron
  • WBC


  • breast-feeding
  • ocular exposure
  • pregnancy
  • tobacco smoking


There are no drug interactions associated with Castor Oil Peru Balsam products.


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