New diagnostic criteria for major depressive disorder

New diagnostic criteria for major depressive disorder

The diagnostic criteria for major depressive disorder in DSM-5 include the presence of five or more of the following symptoms during the same 2-week period:

  • depressed mood,
  • anhedonia,
  • significant weight loss or weight gain,
  • insomnia or hypersomnia,
  • psychomotor agitation or retardation,
  • fatigue or loss of energy,
  • feelings of worthlessness or excessive guilt,
  • diminished concentration,
  • and recurrent thoughts of death and suicide

Additionally, the episode must include either depressed mood or anhedonia, should cause significant distress and significant impairment in daily functioning, should not be due to substance use or another medical condition, is not better explained by the occurrence of any psychotic disorder, and is not in a patient who has had a manic or hypomanic episode. 


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