Core diagnostic features of Major Depressive Disorder

Core diagnostic features of Major Depressive Disorder

What are the core diagnostic features for MDD? (Hint: the mnemonic SIG: E CAPS may help.) 

There must be a pervasive and persistent depressive mood (or irritable mood in children and adolescents) and/or loss of interest/pleasure (anhedonia) for ≥2 weeks and ≥4 of the following symptoms (recalled with the mnemonic for the prescription of energy pills: “SIG: E CAPS”):

S: sleep disruption;

I: reduced interests/pleasure;

G: feelings of guilt/worthlessness;

E: reduced energy/fatigue;

C: concentration/decision-making ability diminished;

A: appetite/weight loss or increase;

P: psychomotor agitation/retardation;

S: suicidal ideation or attempt.


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