Arjuna Herb Health Benefits and Uses – Wonderful Plant cures 13 Diseases

Arjuna Herb Health Benefits and Uses – What is Arjuna Herb?

Arjuna grows to become a very large tree with a huge buttressed trunk, widely spreading, drooping branches, and a grey bark that flakes off in large, flat pieces.

Arjuna is found throughout the subcontinent of India, from the foothills of the Himalayas southwards into Sri Lanka

The Botanical Name of Arjuna is Terminalia arjuna

Botanical Names

  • Terminalia arjuna
  • Combretaceae


  • Kakubha
  • ‘mountain top,’
  • Vırataru,
  • ‘hero’s tree’
  • Arjun
  • Anjan
  • Kahu
  • Attumaratu
  • Nirmarutu
  • Vellaimarutu
  • Marutu
  • White Murdah

Health benefits, Indications and uses

  1. Dysentery
  2. cirrhosis
  3. bronchitis
  4. asthma
  5. tuberculosis
  6. haemorrhage
  7. leucorrhoea
  8. menorrhagia
  9. coronary heart disease
  10. cardiovascular disease
  11. diabetes
  12. cancer
  13. broken bones


  • Pregnancy
  • constipation
  • dryness
  • vatakopa


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