Agnimantha Health Benefits and Uses – Wonderful Herb cures 18 Diseases

Agnimantha Health Benefits and Uses

What is Agnimantha?

Agnimantha is a large shrub or tree attaining a height of up to 9 m, with yellowish bark, dotted with lenticels, the branches sometimes spiny.

The Botanical Name of Agnimantha is Premna integrifolia

Botanical Names:

  • Premna integrifolia
  • P. obtusifolia
  • P. corymbosa, Verbenaceae


  • Arni
  • Munnai

Health benefits, Indications and uses

  1. Dyspepsia
  2. flatulent colic
  3. haemorrhoids
  4. constipation
  5. fever
  6. catarrh
  7. cough
  8. bronchitis
  9. asthma
  10. skin diseases
  11. urinary disease
  12. The leaves of Agnimantha are very useful to relieve severe pain
  13. oedema
  14. diabetes
  15. Useful to treat anaemia
  16. neuralgia
  17. This herb boosts the immune system
  18. insufficient lactation
  19. inflammatory joint disease
  20. cancers
  21. The decoction of its root is helpful in treating the painful micturition
  22. It pacifies kapha dosha
  23. Most helpful in treating the urinary tract infections


  • Pregnancy
  • Pittakopa

Medical research:

  • Antipyretic, anti-inflammatory (Narayanan et al 2000)
  • hypoglycaemic, hypotensive (Kapoor 1990)

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