What blood vessels are found near the pancreas

What blood vessels are found near the pancreas?

The splenic vein and artery are located posteriorly to the body and tail of the pancreas, where the former is larger in caliber, is less tortuous, and is more inferiorly located than the latter. The splenic vein is a reliable landmark to help identify the location of the pancreatic body and tail. The portal vein confluence (where the superior mesenteric [SMV] and splenic veins join), proximal SMV, and proximal superior mesenteric artery (SMA) pass posteriorly to the pancreatic neck and anteriorly to the uncinate process, where the proximal SMA is normally located posteriorly and to the left of the proximal SMV (see Figure 30-2, ). The gastroduodenal artery (GDA) arises from the common hepatic artery and extends inferiorly along the anterolateral aspect of the pancreatic head.


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