Treatment for Cardiac Neonatal lupus Erythematosus

Treatment for Cardiac Neonatal lupus Erythematosus

Manifestation of Cardiac Neonatal Lupus ErythematosusFeaturesTreatment
First degreeProlonged PR intervalCould be transient
MonitorCould consider steroids
Second degreeLikely to progress to third degree atrioventricular block but can revert to sinus rhythm without treatmentConsider steroids
IVIG Plasmapheresis
Third degreeIrreversible
Associated with fetal demise inup to 9-25% of cases
Possible pacemaker
Steroids do not work
Cardiomyopathy/endocardial fibroelastosis/hydropsGlobal disease can accompany heart blockSteroids and/or IVIG or apheresis may be considered for inflammatory cardiac disease ± heart block

IVIG, Intravenous immunoglobulin.


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