Training for home hemodialysis

 What is the training for home hemodialysis?

There is no standardized method for training patients to undergo HHD. Nonetheless, there are key elements of the training process that are integral in producing a successful HHD patient:

1. Selecting the right patient. Though most patients can undergo HHD, some contraindications to HHD include unstable medical conditions (i.e., seizure disorder), unstable behavioral problems (i.e., intravenous (IV) drug use, uncontrolled psychosis), and conditions that may cause abrupt loss of consciousness.

2. The patient’s home must be suitable for HHD. There must be a proper water supply, electrical source, and appropriate hygiene.

3. Nurses/trainers must be motivated, knowledgeable, and understand the principles of adult learning.

4. Training usually takes 4 to 6 weeks, with the involvement of a care partner.

5. There should be an adequate assessment of the patient’s ability to safely perform HHD at home independently or with a care partner.

6. Patients should also be able to understand and manage other aspects related to their ESKD, such as diet, nutrition, medications, and obtaining appropriate lab work.


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