Barriers to home hemodialysis

What are some barriers to HHD?

Barriers to selecting home hemodialysis include patients’ fear of isolation and having to manage their care independent of a facility with similar patients and medical staff. Furthermore, patients may have anxiety about self-cannulation or risk of a catastrophic event during dialysis without the assistance of trained medical personnel.

HHD requires a care partner to assist with dialysis. Patients may not have a suitable home environment (insufficient space, hygiene, plumbing, or electricity). Some patients are intimidated by the perceived complexity of the process. For some patients, operating the machine may seem overwhelming. Though overall costs for HHD may be less than in-center HD, some of the costs may be shifted from the dialysis unit to the individual patient. Providers who are unfamiliar or dialysis centers that do not have the appropriate resources can also become barriers to patients choosing HHD.


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