Signs of breast implant rupture

What are the signs of breast implant rupture?

MRI can be used to determine whether a silicone implant is intact [ 8 ]. A normal implant is oval or ellipsoid in shape. Mammography is usually sufficient to determine whether a saline implant is intact. The body normally creates a fibrous capsule around a silicone gel implant, closely abutting the silicone elastomer shell of the intact implant. An intracapsular, or contained, rupture describes a rupture where the silicone has migrated beyond the ruptured implant elastomer but remains contained within the fibrous capsule. An extracapsular, or free, rupture describes when the silicone from the ruptured implant migrates freely beyond the fibrous capsule into the surrounding breast tissues.

On noncontrast breast MRI, an intracapsular rupture can be identified as low signal intensity wavy lines inside the fibrous capsule, known as the “linguine” sign. The appearance of silicone on both sides of the implant radial folds is known as the “keyhole” sign or “teardrop” sign, which also suggests intracapsular rupture.


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