Risk factors for chemotherapy induced AKI

What are the risk factors for chemotherapy induced AKI?

Patient risk factors for chemotherapy-induced nephrotoxicity include: older age, underlying AKI or CKD, and pharmacogenetics favoring drug toxicity.

Volume depletion can enhance innate drug toxicity due to increased drug or metabolite concentration in the kidney and may involve formation of intra-tubular crystals by insoluble drug or metabolites.

Kidney hypoperfusion can be due to decreased oral intake, over-diuresis, chemotherapy-induced cardiomyopathy, malignant ascites, or pleural effusion.

Tumor-related factors predisposing to chemotherapy-induced nephrotoxicity include the presence of toxic tumor proteins, as with myeloma-related kidney injury, kidney infiltration by lymphoma, and cancer-associated glomerulopathies.


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