Potential role of FDG PET or MRI in the oncological setting

What is the potential role of FDG PET or MRI in the oncological setting?

MRI provides high spatial resolution and soft tissue contrast and is complementary with PET. Therefore, FDG PET/MRI is most promising for the evaluation of patients with tumors that arise from anatomic sites that are suboptimally evaluated at CT, including the brain, head and neck, spinal cord, liver, pelvic organs, breasts, and musculoskeletal system. Available functional techniques afforded by MRI such as diffusion-weighted imaging and MR spectroscopy can further enhance detection and characterization of malignant lesions. Finally, PET/MRI reduces radiation exposure compared to PET/CT, which is highly desirable for all patients, especially for pediatric patients and for patients who undergo multiple examinations.


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