Operative mortality of GBP surgery

What is the operative mortality of GBP surgery? 

Operative mortality ranges from 0.3% to 1.6%, and perioperative complications occur in 10% of patients:

Quick Formulas for Calculation of Protein and Caloric Requirements

Illness SeverityProtein, G/Kg/DayCalories, Kcal/Kg/Day
Minimal0.820 to 25
Moderate1 to 1.525 to 30
Severe1.5 to 2.530 to 35

Perioperative Complications

• Splenic injury

• Pneumonia

• Wound infection

• Thrombotic events

• Anastomotic leaks

• Hemorrhage

• Pulmonary failure

• Cardiac events

• Wound dehiscence

• Thrombocytopenia

• Intraabdominal sepsis

• Death


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