Imaging findings of cystitis

What are the imaging findings of cystitis?

In most patients, imaging is not indicated in the evaluation of cystitis. As mentioned above, in patients who have recurrent UTI, a voiding cystourethrogram may be performed to exclude VUR as the underlying etiology.

In patients with advanced genitourinary tuberculosis, the bladder becomes scarred and extremely small in capacity; this is referred to as a thimble bladder.

In diabetic patients with a severe gas-forming UTI, a special variant of cystitis called emphysematous cystitis may occur. Gas is seen within the bladder wall as well as in the lumen. The findings are best seen on CT images but may be discernible on abdominal radiographs in advanced cases. VCUG is not indicated in such patients, and the patients are managed with bladder drainage through a Foley catheter along with intravenous antibiotics until there is clinical defervescence.


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