How is osteoporosis diagnosed

How is osteoporosis diagnosed

Osteoporosis can be diagnosed by any of three criteria: fragility fracture, low bone density, high FRAX risk score.

  • Fragility fracture criteria
    • • The presence or history of a fragility fracture establishes a diagnosis of osteoporosis, regardless of the BMD T-score.
  • Bone densitometry criteria
    • • BMD T-score below a diagnostic level at any site indicates the presence of osteoporosis in a patient aged >50 years without fractures; the diagnostic T-score ranges are as follows:
T-score ≥–1Normal
T-score between –1 and –2.5Osteopenia
T-score ≤–2.5Osteoporosi

FRAX risk assessment criteria

  • • A FRAX risk score (10-year): >3% for hip fracture or >20% for major osteoporosis fractures can also be used to diagnose osteoporosis.

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