Grossly expansile lucent bone lesion

Grossly expansile lucent bone lesion

Most common

  • 1. Plasmacytoma —older patients, usually in axial or proximal appendicular skeleton.
  • 2. Metastases —RCC, thyroid, HCC, phaeochromocytoma, melanoma. Usually in axial or proximal appendicular skeleton.
  • 3. Aneurysmal bone cyst —in children and young adults. Usually has a thin sclerotic margin.
  • 4. Giant cell tumour —usually older patients than ABC. Often abuts articular surface, no sclerotic margin.

Less common

  • 5. Telangiectatic osteosarcoma —mimics ABC.
  • 6. Fibrous dysplasia —usually fusiform expansion rather than a discrete expansile mass.
  • 7. Brown tumour —look for other signs of hyperparathyroidism.
  • 8. Haemangioma —often expansile when in flat bones, e.g. skull or pelvis, with a sunburst periosteal reaction.
  • 9. Chordoma —in sacrum, clivus or vertebral bodies.


  • 10. Haemophilic pseudotumour —look for other signs of haemophilia.
  • 11. Slow growing central bone sarcoma.
  • 12. Hydatid cyst.

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