Does Peritoneal Dialysis affect kidney transplantation

Does Peritoneal Dialysis affect kidney transplantation?

Patients receiving PD as their means of RRT are much more likely to receive a kidney transplant. Although this may be explained by demographics of the PD population, there may be other contributing factors. Infectious and cardiovascular challenges inherent to intermittent HD could potentially result in the removal of prospective transplant patients from an “active” transplant list, delaying transplantation.

Patients receiving PD as their pretransplant means of RRT have a similar or better overall posttransplant patient survival, and a similar or lower incidence of delayed graft dysfunction compared with those treated with CHD. Conversely, the risk of graft failure was similar or higher in the population treated with PD before transplant; some studies also demonstrated a higher risk of graft thrombosis.


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