Distribution of Joint Involvement in Polyarthritis

Distribution of Joint Involvement in Polyarthritis

DiseaseJoints Commonly InvolvedJoints Commonly Spared
Gonococcal arthritisKnee, wrist, ankle, hand IPAxial
Lyme arthritisKnee, shoulder, wrist, elbowAxial
Rheumatoid arthritisWrist, MCP, PIP, elbow, glenohumeral, cervical spine, hip, knee, ankle, tarsal, MTPDIP, thoracolumbar spine
OsteoarthritisFirst CMC, DIP, PIP, cervical spine, thoracolumbar spine, hip, knee, first MTP, toe IPMCP, wrist, elbow, glenohumeral, ankle, tarsal
Reactive arthritisKnee, ankle, tarsal, MTP, first toe IP, elbow, axial
Psoriatic arthritisKnee, ankle, MTP, first toe IP, wrist, MCP, hand
IP, axial
Enteropathic arthritisKnee, ankle, elbow, shoulder, MCP, PIP, wrist, axial
Polyarticular goutFirst MTP, tarsal, subtalar, ankle, kneeAxial
CPPD diseaseKnee, wrist, shoulder, ankle, MCP, hand IP, hip, elbowAxial
Sarcoid arthritisAnkle, knee
HemochromatosisMCP, wrist, ankle, knee, hip, feet, shoulder

CMC, carpometacarpal; CPPD, calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate deposition; DIP, distal interphalangeal; IP, interphalangeal; MCP, metacarpophalangeal; MTP, metatarsophalangeal; PIP, proximal interphalangeal.


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