Diseases ssociated with hypocalcemia

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What Diseases ssociated with hypocalcemia and how?

HIV disease. Hypocalcemia in HIV is about 6 times more common than in the general population and recognizes multiple causes: antiretroviral therapy, vitamin D deficiency, hypomagnesemia, etc. PTH hyporesponsiveness to hypocalcemia has also been reported.

Acute pancreatitis. Hypocalcemia is due to deposition of “calcium soaps” consisting of calcium and fatty acids. Calcitonin-mediated hypocalcemia was reported in some but not all studies.

Sepsis. Hypocalcemia in patients with sepsis is usually accompanied by hypophosphatemia, high levels of PTH and calcitonin. The mechanism of hypocalcemia in these patients is likely heterogeneous and has not been rigorously studied.

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