CT Urogram

What is CT Urogram?

Thin-section multiplanar computed tomography (CT) is used to image the entire urinary tract in multiple phases. Initially, unenhanced images are obtained through the abdomen and pelvis to assess for calculi and calcifications. After a rapid infusion of intravenous contrast material, images through the kidneys are acquired in the nephrographic phase to assess for renal parenchymal abnormalities and renal masses, such as renal cell carcinoma

After a 10- to 12-minute delay from the start of contrast injection, coronal and sagittal reformatted images are created from image acquisition during the excretory phase, which provide “IVU-like images” of the collecting systems, ureters, and bladders. There are many techniques to perform CTU, with institutional variations, such as administration of a diuretic or saline infusion, to optimize distension and opacification of the collecting systems.


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