Conditions leading to gallbladder wall thickening

What other conditions can result in gallbladder wall thickening? 

Numerous conditions exist. These are (1) congestive heart failure; (2) constrictive pericarditis; (3) hypoalbuminemia; (4) renal failure; (5) portal venous congestion or portal hypertension; (6) hepatic venoocclusive disease; (7) chronic cholecystitis; (8) acquired immune deficiency syndrome–related cholangitis; (9) adenomyomatosis; (10) primary sclerosing cholangitis; (11) leukemic infiltration; and (12) inflammation from hepatitis, pancreatitis, and colitis. 

Gallbladder carcinoma also causes wall thickening but is usually differentiated from other causes by a mass like appearance, adenopathy, and liver metastases.


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