Advantages of CTA for assessment of pulmonary embolism

What are advantages of CTA for assessment of pulmonary embolism?

CTA is the current reference standard for PE evaluation. One important advantage of CTA over catheter pulmonary arteriography and pulmonary scintigraphy is that it may be used to diagnose other causes of the patient’s symptoms, such as pleural effusion, pneumonia, atelectasis, or malignancy. Moreover, in contrast to conventional pulmonary arteriography, CTA is noninvasive, safer, faster to perform, and more widely available. CTA has several advantages over pulmonary scintigraphy. It is less dependent on patient cooperation and is faster to perform. In addition, pulmonary scintigraphy may have a 60% to 70% indeterminate rate, especially in patients with underlying lung disease or other comorbidities, limiting diagnostic accuracy.


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