Diet after Tonsillectomy

What is the Diet after Tonsillectomy

A tonsillectomy is a surgery to remove your tonsils. After a tonsillectomy you should eat foods that are easy to swallow and gentle on the throat. This makes recovery easier.

Follow the diet guidelines on this sheet for 1–2 weeks or until any pain from the surgery is completely gone.

A study conducted in 103 children showed that consuming cold liquids and cold foods after tonsillectomy did not have a significant effect on post tonsillectomy pain in these children.

According to the findings in this study, it is not rational to advise the mother or the child about the temperature of fluids and foods consumed post tonsillectomy.

What do I need to know about this Diet after Tonsillectomy ?

In the first 24 hours after surgery:

  • Do not eat any food.
  • Do not drink citrus juices or liquids that are cloudy.
  • You may drink liquids that are clear, such as water, chicken broth, apple juice, and lemon-lime soda that has been set out to remove the carbonation.

After the first 24 hours:

  • You may only eat soft foods.
  • You may drink any liquid except citrus juices. For example, do not drink orange juice.
  • Do not eat foods that are hard or that have a hard crust.
  • Do not eat hot, spicy, or highly seasoned foods.

While you are on this diet:

  • Cut foods into small pieces and chew them well.
  • Drink several glasses of warm water daily.
  • Consider drinking a liquid nutritional supplement, such as a liquid nutrition drink. Your health care provider can give you recommendations.

Which foods can I eat after Tonsillectomy?


Soft bread. Soggy waffles or French toast without crust and soaked in syrup. Pancakes. Oatmeal or other creamy cereal. Soggy, cold cereal. Pasta noodles.


Cooked vegetables. Mashed potatoes.


Applesauce. Bananas. Canned fruit. Watermelon without seeds.

Meats and Other Protein Sources

Hot dogs. Hamburger. Tender, moist meat. Tuna. Scrambled or poached eggs.


Milk. Smooth yogurt. Cottage cheese. Processed cheeses.


Milk. Juices without seeds. Soda without carbonation.

Sweets and Desserts

Custard. Pudding. Ice cream. Malts. Shakes. Popsicles.


Soup. Macaroni and cheese. Smooth nut butter, such as smooth peanut butter. Smooth peanut butter and jelly sandwiches without crust.

The items listed above may not be a complete list of recommended foods or beverages. Ask your dietitian for more options.

Which foods are not recommended after Tonsillectomy?


Toast. Crispy waffles. Crunchy, cold cereal. Crackers. Pretzels. Popcorn. Chips. Any grain that is dry, hard, or has a hard crust.


Any raw vegetables.


All citrus fruits. Most fresh fruits, including oranges, apples, and melon.

Meats and Other Protein Sources

Tough, dry meat. Poultry. Fish. Nuts. Crunchy peanut butter or other crunchy nut butters.


Citrus juices (such as orange juice or lemonade). Any soda or carbonated beverage with bubbles.

Sweets and Desserts

Cookies. Any dessert that contains nuts, seeds, or coconut.


Fried foods. Grilled cheese sandwiches.

You may start small amounts of soft foods when your child drinks well after surgery.

Your child can eat soft foods for around fifteen days.

• Soft foods include yogurt, cooked cereal, cooked pasta, soft fruit, cooked vegetables, mashed potatoes, soups, pudding, ice cream and smoothies.

• Avoid foods that are crunchy or have sharp edges (such as chips). These foods can scrape the scabs in the back of the throat and make them bleed.

• Avoid red popsicles or foods with red dye that can look like blood in the mouth or throat.


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