Minimum dosing requirements for resuscitation drugs

Are there minimum dosing requirements for any resuscitation drugs?

  • • Atropine (usual dose, 0.02 mg/kg) has a minimum dosing requirement for effective reversal of bradycardia. It appears that at doses lower than 0.1 mg, atropine exerts an effect that might actually worsen bradycardia. Thus, if its use is considered for reversal of bradycardia in a child who weighs less than 5 kg, a minimum of 0.1 mg should be administered.
  • • Dopamine also has different effects when administered at different doses. At lower doses (1-5 μg/kg/minute), dopaminergic effects are seen. When administered at these lower doses, dopamine tends to augment renal blood flow and enhance urinary output. During resuscitation, dopamine typically is used to bolster blood pressure through increased vasoconstriction. For that α-adrenergic effect, higher doses (10-20 μg/kg/minute) are required.

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