Alglucerase Brand Name– Ceredase

What is Alglucerase

Alglucerase is used in the treatment of patients with Gaucher’s disease. It is a parenteral, semisynthetic replacement for the endogenous enzyme glucocerebrosidase.

Alglucerase differs from the endogenous enzyme by its terminal mannose residue.

Alglucerase is produced from pooled human placental tissue from selected donors and was approved by the FDA in April 1991. A related product, imiglucerase (Cerezyme(TM)), produced by recombinant DNA technics, was approved March 1994 (see Imiglucerase monograph).

Aglucerase (Ceredase®) is only available to patients who were treated with the product prior to the introduction of imiglucerase and who cannot tolerate imiglucerase therapy.


  • Gaucher disease

For replacement therapy of glucosylceramidase in confirmed (type 1) Gaucher disease

Side Effects

  1. abdominal pain
  2. chills
  3. diarrhea
  4. fever
  5. infection
  6. injection site reaction
  7. nausea
  8. precocious puberty
  9. pruritus
  10. vomiting

Monitoring Parameters

  • laboratory monitoring not necessary


  • breast-feeding
  • children
  • infants
  • infection
  • neonates
  • precocious puberty
  • pregnancy
  • prostate cancer
  • requires an experienced clinician
  • viral infection


There are no drug interactions associated with Alglucerase products.


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