Ted Turner Motivational Quotes

Ted Turner Motivational Quotes

“Whether you’re talking about a person or a country, it’s okay to be rich and it’s okay to be powerful, just as long as you’re humble and cooperative. But if you combine being rich and powerful with being arrogant and uncooperative, people won’t cut you much slack,”

“If I only had a little humility, I would be perfect.”

“During my first several days there I really did feel like a fish out of water. After years of following a military dress code I wasn’t even sure what to wear. The one place I felt like I fit in was out on a boat and, fortunately, trials for the freshman sailing team began right away.”

“They weren’t drunk—they were just being loud. I was trying out for the football team and needed to get some sleep. One night I’d finally had enough and when Ted ran by my open window I reached out, grabbed him by the throat, and pulled him halfway into my room. I said, “Hey, what the hell’s the matter with you?”

“It was now the fall of 1956, and nine years after entering Georgia Military Academy as a scrawny “Yankee” from Ohio, I was now considered a “southerner,” enrolling at one of the North’s most elite institutions.”

“It was okay for people to write negative things about me just as long as they spelled my name right.”

“Life is a game. Money is how we keep score.”

“You can never quit. Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”

“Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell, and advertise”


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