Oscar Trejo Jr Motivational Quotes

Oscar Trejo Jr Motivational Quotes

“When reading a short story, most people love happy endings, they love when the protagonist overcomes the odds.. and since I enjoy the uniqueness of my thoughts and since I’m not ‘Most People’, I always tend to be critical of the protagonist. I always tend to have a few unexpected surprises for that Protagonist and try to make life as difficult as I can for that Protagonist, just to give the antagonist a fair shot.”

“I for one, am always open to constructive criticism in regards to my writing. In the literary world, there is always room to grow and learn and perfect your craft, your chosen career field, for without that criticism, whether good or bad, a writer would be stuck in his old ways without ever growing as a writer and as an individual.”

“Writers are decent people, they live quiet, normal lives while working to perfect their craft.
They spend their entire lives, dedicated to creating art through words with very little recognition and appreciation.
That artwork immortalizes their thoughts through poetry, short stories and novels, in the form of a book.
That immortalization of thoughts through writing becomes their Legacy.
Long after an Author has departed this world, his stories, his poetry, his novels will live on… As his/her Legacy.
A Legacy for future generations for both, family and potential writers to reflect upon and learn from.

A Legacy built on love, a love for writing. That’s the beauty of writing, That’s why I do what I do.”

“I shall not dwell in the past…
I shall not dread the present…
I shall not fear the Future…

For as Long as I live…
I shall only think of success.”


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