Why is it important to identify CKD at an early stage

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Why is it important to identify CKD at an early stage?

The main reasons for identifying CKD at an early stage are:

• To make a definitive diagnosis in case there are specific therapies that can be started

• To institute treatment to prevent progression of kidney disease such as inhibition of the renin-angiotensin system

• To manage the complications of CKD, including anemia, mineral and bone disorders, acidosis, and most importantly cardiovascular disease

• To enhance measures to prevent and detect AKI, given CKD is associated with a higher incidence of AKI

• To plan for renal replacement therapy, whether it be initiating a transplant evaluation or planning for vascular or peritoneal access for initiation of dialysis

Not recognizing CKD results in patients presenting at or near end-stage, often requiring the emergency initiation of dialysis, which is associated with worse outcomes.

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