Who can use a cycler

Who can use a cycler

What is a cycler and who can or should use it?

A cycler is a mechanized device made to assist in the administration and drainage of PD fluid. Use of the cycler to administer part or all of the PD prescription is termed APD. Although the cycler is primarily used by patients to administer their PD prescription at home, it can also be used in settings outside the home such as acute care, chronic care, or rehabilitation facilities to provide dialysis. The automation provided by APD allows a wider range of PD prescription options (both dwell volume and exchange frequency), allowing the ability to tailor prescriptions to accommodate individual patient needs. Accordingly, patients with “fast” peritoneal membrane transport characteristics have improved survival using APD compared with CAPD. Use of the cycler also reduces the number of manual connections the patient or care provider needs to perform. This lowers the risk for touch contamination. Patients treated with APD have similar or lower rates of peritonitis and similar or better technique survival compared with patients not using the cycler (e.g., CAPD).


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