What other tremors are variants of Essential Tremor

What other tremors are variants of Essential Tremor? 

Besides orthostatic tremor, other types of tremors are also considered to be variants of Essential Tremor.

However, some authors argue that the pharmacologic differences between these tremors and Essential Tremor support the notion that they represent distinct entities.

There is evidence, for example, that some isolated site (head tremor) and task-specific tremors, such as primary handwriting tremor, actually represent forms of dystonic tremors.

This controversy will not be settled until biologic markers for Essential Tremor and dystonia are available

Variants of Essential Tremor

Variant Treatment

Chin tremorPropranolol, primidone
Facial tremorClonazepam, propranolol, primidone
Head tremorClonazepam, primidone, propranolol, trihexyphenidyl
Orthostatic tremorClonazepam, propranolol, primidone, phenobarbital
Shuddering attacks (childhood)Propranolol
Task-specific tremor (writing)Propranolol, primidone, trihexyphenidyl, botulinum toxin
Tongue tremorPropranolol, primidone
Truncal tremorClonazepam, propranolol, primidone
Voice tremorPropranolol, ethanol, botulinum toxin