What machines are used for home hemodialysis

What machines are used for home hemodialysis?

In the United States HHD is performed with a “low-flow systems” (L-FS) machine. The most frequently used L-FS machine in the United States is the NxStage System.

The NxStage machine is portable; it weighs 32 kg (71 lbs) and is 15 × 15 inches.

Dialysate for the machine is provided in two ways. Delivery of 5-L dialysate bags can be made to a patient’s home, with four to six bags needed for short daily dialysis.

These bags are convenient when patients are traveling. Alternatively, there is a fluid generator (PureFlow) that can prepare up to 60 L of dialysate (enough for two to three treatments) using a filtering system within the machine and connection to a tap water source.


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