What are the roots of rheumatology

What are the roots of rheumatology?

First century AD—The term “rheuma” first appears in the literature. Rheuma refers to “a substance that flows” and probably was derived from phlegm, an ancient primary humor, which was believed to originate from the brain and flow to various parts of the body causing ailments.

1642—The word rheumatism is introduced into the literature by the French physician Dr. G. Baillou who emphasized that arthritis could be a systemic disorder.

1928—The American Committee for the Control of Rheumatism is established in the United States of America by Dr. R. Pemberton. It was renamed as the American Association for the Study and Control of Rheumatic Disease (1934), then American Rheumatism Association (ARA; 1937), and finally American College of Rheumatology (1988).

1940s—The terms rheumatology and rheumatologist are first coined by Drs. Hollander and Comroe, respectively.


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