Typical radiation safety precautions you need to follow after Iodine 131 therapy

What are the typical radiation safety precautions you need to follow after Iodine 131 therapy?

For approximately 5 days (each institution may have its own specific timeframe), patients treated with 131 I must do the following: sleep alone, if possible; avoid kissing and sexual intercourse; minimize time with pregnant women and young children; minimize close contact with others; use good hygiene habits; wash hands thoroughly after each toilet use; use a separate bathroom, if possible; flush the toilet two times after each use; drink plenty of liquids; use disposable eating utensils; use separate bath linens; launder linens and underclothing separately initially; maintain a toothbrush in a separate holder; if possible, not prepare food for others; not apply cosmetics or lip balm; and wipe the telephone mouthpiece with a tissue after each use. In addition, nursing women should completely discontinue breastfeeding until their next child, and all women should not attempt to become pregnant for at least 90 days.


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