Standard nine EUS criteria for CP

Standard nine EUS criteria for CP

Parenchymal criteria
Hyperechoic foci: small distinct reflectors
Hyperechoic strands: small, stringlike hyperechoic structures
Lobularity: containing lobules—rounded homogeneous areas separated by strands of another echogenicity
Cysts: abnormal anechoic round or oval structure
Calcifications: hyperechoic lesion with acoustic shadowing
Ductal criteria
Main pancreatic duct dilation: > 3.5 mm in body or > 1.5 mm in tail
Dilated side branches: at least three anechoic structures, > 1 mm in width communicating with main pancreatic duct
Irregular pancreatic duct: uneven outline of duct
Hyperechoic duct wall: at least 50% of length of main pancreatic duct in body and tail with hyperechoic wall


Adapted from The International Working Group for Minimal Standard Terminology in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. Minimal standard terminology in gastrointestinal endosonography. Dig Endosc 1998;10:159–184; and Catalano MF et al. EUS-based criteria for the diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis: the Rosemont classification. Gastrointest Endosc 2009;69:1251–1261.Standard EUS Criteria for CP


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