Risk factors for the genesis of IVH

Risk factors for the genesis of IVH

What risk factors are thought to play a role in the genesis of IVH? 

The most important risk factor for the development of an IVH is prematurity.

While only about 10% of infants born at 28 weeks will develop a severe IVH, the risk for infants born at 24 weeks is closer to 25%.

Birth weight (small, appropriate, or large for gestation age) is an independent risk factor.

Other risk factors include

  • mechanical ventilation,
  • pneumothoraces,
  • rapid expansion of intravascular volume (large or rapid IV infusions),
  • rapid or wide fluctuations in blood pressure,
  • hypoxic-ischemic injury,
  • hypernatremia and hyperosmolality,
  • administration of certain medications such as indomethacin

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