Objectives of psychotherapy

What are the objectives of psychotherapeutic treatment?

The objectives of psychotherapeutic treatment are tailored to the referral requests and patient emotional and physical needs. All treatments strive to enhance quality of life through improved emotional and physical functioning, and include the following goals:

  • a. Improve adjustment and management of the pain condition.
  • b. Alleviate emotional distress.
  • c. Increase self-efficacy.
  • d. Increase motivation for change.
  • e. Foster development of effective coping strategies, including pain-specific coping.
  • f. Increase social ties and decrease isolation.
  • g. Strengthen social support.
  • h. Improve patient-provider communication.
  • i. Improve problem solving and pain-beliefs.
  • j. Decrease psychological dependence on pain medications.
  • k. Assess and modify potentially health behaviors that contribute to the pain experience and quality of life (e.g., sleep disruptions, nicotine, high-fat diets, sexual functioning, treatment adherence).
  • l. Provide psychoeducation on the rationale of mental health treatment, its utility, and value the therapeutic alliance.
  • m. Prevent relapse and prepare for maintenance.

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