Neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder

4 Interesting Facts of Neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder

  1. Inflammatory disorder of central nervous system characterized by recurrent attacks of optic neuritis and acute transverse myelitis
  2. Similar features include abrupt changes in vision, weakness and numbness of extremities, spasticity, and loss of bowel or bladder control
  3. Differentiating features include intractable hiccups or protracted nausea and vomiting
  4. Clinical diagnosis is aided by any of the following on imaging or laboratory tests:
    • Distinctive, elongated cord lesions (extending 3 or more vertebral segments) on MRI
    • Seropositivity for AQP4-IgG (ie, autoantibody against aquaporin 4)
    • Brain MRI findings not meeting diagnostic criteria for multiple sclerosis

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