How is complex regional pain syndrome treated

How is complex regional pain syndrome treated?

There is a limited evidence base for effective treatment of CRPS, in part because its response to interventions is limited. A principal goal of treatment is functional restoration, as CRPS is associated with striking loss of function of the affected limb because of severe hyperalgesia. Therefore the foundation of CRPS management is a graded multimodal therapy program designed to overcome a fear-avoidance cycle of disuse and commonly led by occupational or physical therapists familiar with the relevant techniques. Several behavioral interventions have been designed to supplement this. Finally, pharmacologic and interventional therapies are used to reduce edema, sympathetic tone, or bone loss, and to alleviate pain so as to allow rehabilitative interventions to proceed.

Because of the typical need for multimodal therapy, CRPS is often managed in a multidimensional pain management setting.


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