How can exercise help with pain

How can exercise help with pain?

When it comes to chronic pain the objective of exercise is to make once painful though benign movements be more tolerable. In order to do this, the pain sufferer must change neuronal function by repeatedly simulating movement despite firing of the brain’s pain centers. Exercise may be able to alter the sensitivity to pain, the more persistently an activity is performed. It most certainly is advised that the patient receive clearance to perform certain exercises by their treating physician before engaging in exercise. Walking can be a good initial activity, as well as slowly reintegrating back into daily activities during the acute phase of a back spasm, for example. Exercise has also been proven to increase the likelihood that back pain sufferers will return to work faster. Randomized trials suggest that many exercises, such as Zumba, Pilates, yoga, and so on, are shown to be beneficial in some way for back pain sufferers. The objective of exercise is to create postural awareness in order to limit stresses on nerve, disc, and soft tissue structures that are prone to injury. In addition, exercise will improve circulation to promote healing. Exercise will strengthen the supportive framework around major musculoskeletal structures (such as the spine and joints). Exercise also reduces the fear of movement, often plaguing pain sufferers. It has been proven to assist in the management of depression associated with chronic pain. It may also improve cardiovascular health, improve flexibility, and promote restful sleep.


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