Extraarticular manifestations associated with Reactive Arthritis

Extraarticular manifestations associated with Reactive Arthritis

Low-grade feverInfectious urethritis
Weight loss (rare)Sterile urethritis
OcularHemorrhagic cystitis
Sterile conjunctivitis (35%)Salpingitis, vulvovaginitis
Anterior uveitis (20%) (acute unilateral, HLA-B27-positive)Mucocutaneous Circinate balanitis (30%, most frequently associated with Chlamydia )
Keratoderma blennorrhagicum (15%)
GastrointestinalHyperkeratotic nails (10%)
Infectious ileitis/colitisPainless oral ulcers (25%)
Sterile ileitis/colitis (60%)Erythema nodosum ( Yersinia )
Cardiac (rare in acute disease)IgA nephropathy
Heart block (1%)Renal amyloidosis
Aortic regurgitationOther
Aortitis (1%)Thrombophlebitis, livedo reticularis
Pericarditis (rare)Neuropathy (cranial or peripheral nerve)

Note: The frequency of the various extraarticular manifestations depends on both the inciting infectious agent and if the patient is HLA-B27-positive.


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