Current uses of liver or spleen scintigraphy

What are the current uses of liver or spleen scintigraphy?

Liver/spleen scans performed after intravenous administration of 99m Tc sulfur colloid are rarely used in current practice given the availability of US, CT, and MRI, but their usual purpose is to evaluate liver function associated with cirrhosis, which leads to decreased radiotracer uptake in the liver and a “colloid shift” to the spleen and bone marrow. Liver/spleen scans can also help to assess patients for focal nodular hyperplasia, which results in focal areas of increased radiotracer uptake in the liver due to presence of Kupffer cells. In addition, liver/spleen scans can be used to assess splenic function, such as in the clinical setting of trauma or surgery that may have damaged the spleen, or to seek out additional splenic tissue in patients with heterotaxia ( Figure 81-6, ) or splenosis.


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