Contraindications for kidney transplantation from a recipient perspective

What are some general contraindications for kidney transplantation from a recipient perspective?

• Presence of vascular disease that precludes the arterial and venous anastomoses requisite for a technically successful transplant

• Recent or current malignancy

Data from Penn, I. (1993). The effect of immunosuppression on pre-existing cancers. Transplantation, 55 , 742–747.Guidelines for Transplantation in Patients With Previous Malignancies

Generally: Advised waiting time is 2 years

No waiting time necessary:

Incidental renal carcinoma

In situ carcinoma

Focal neoplasm (defined as a localized tumor without metastases)

Low-grade bladder cancer

Basal cell skin cancer

Waiting time of more than 2 years necessary:


Breast carcinoma

Colorectal carcinoma

Uterine carcinoma

• Chronic illness with short life expectancy

• Active substance abuse

• Active infectious process

• Poor cardiac and pulmonary status

• Psychosocial factors that may hinder future medicine adherence


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